One of our main goals is to educated customers to they are better able so confidently make a jewelry purchase. We provide the information below to help achieve this goal.

Choosing the right diamond

After reading this guide, you will be better prepared to choose the diamond that is right for you.

Precious Metals

Learn about the different metal types including gold, paltinum, and silver.


This guide defines the essential characteristics of gemstone quality. By understanding these characteristics, you’ll be able to shop with confidence.


A birthstone is a gift of a precious material that symbolizes the month of birth. There have been many different sets of birthstones used throughout history and in different cultures. Our set was officially adopted by the American national association of jewelers, Jewelers of America. It is currently the most widely used list in the United States and many other countries.

Gemstones and Jewelry Care Tips

Caring for jewelry is a necessary part of owning fine jewelry. With proper care, your jewelry will bring you continued satisfaction of ownership over many years. We are bringing you this information to help you in caring for your jewelry and gemstones to get the desired longevity of your investment.

Some tips to remember when caring for your jewelry include:

  • Avoid wearing fine jewelry when you’re performing manual labor tasks, such as housework. Especially if you are submersing your hands in liquids.
  • Clean your jewelry periodically. This will help ensure the fine appearance and will help it last.
  • Use a soft brush to help remove dirt on the prongs of larger gem jewelry. A good brush to use is an old clean toothbrush.