Hy Behelfer opened Crown Jewelry in Canandaigua, NY. in the fall of 1947. Hy’s friendliness and dedication to customer service won him a large following over the next few decades. The store moved to its current location in the 1960’s, and Hy was joined in the business by his son Dave in 1971.

Hy’s wife Marion & key employees helped Hy and Dave build the business to become the leading jewelry store in Canandaigua that it is now. Dave’s wife Barb joined the team in 1988 and their daughter Lauren in 1996.




Crown Jewelry today is a bustling retail and repair store staffed by a friendly, knowledgeable group of family and friends. People come to shop from all over the Finger Lakes area and beyond, many of them descendants of Hy’s original customers. Barb, Dave, & Lauren strive to maintain the same business practices Hy started in 1947.