Aquamarine Jewelry Aquamarine is a member of the beryl family, as is emerald. Aqua is known for its blue or blue green coloring, which accounts for its name. The legends behind aquamarine all have to do with the sea and water.

Aquamarine is the birth stone for March. It is a popular gem that wears well, is readily available and moderately priced.

One of the most remarkable qualities of this gem are the sizes it is available in. Gems have been cut that weigh several hundred carats, way too large to be worn. The price is dependent on its clarity, the depth of color and to a lesser extent the purity of color.

Another interesting feature of this gem are its inclusions. Beryls, and aquamarine in particular, are known for having long, hollow tubes. This is a distinctive feature and will identify a gem as a member of the beryl family.